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Dear Future Police Officers,

If you're like 99% of all recruits heading to the police academy, you have no idea how to prepare for the fitness evaluation test, and/or the curriculum course exams that you'll need to pass in order to graduate.

If you're thinking about enrolling in the law enforcement training academy, here's the "one-inch secret weapon" that you need right now to prepare...

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Before I hand over secret tips, and strategies that will help you ACE all course exams at the police officer academy... Let me ask you this one simple question...

Are you prepared for the Law enforcement training academy? Do you even know what's going to be on the criminal law exam or the firearms range test?

You may think you do.

Your own friends and family may think you do.

Trust me, you aren't ready. You may think that barely getting into shape or just showing up will get you through the police academy?

Think again.

All You Get Is One Shot To Pass The Police Academy & Jump Start You Career...That's It!

Have you ever known someone who enrolled in the police academy, left for the Post training academy, only to flunk and end up being sent home? I have.

They're probably the most rejected, self pitying, and defeated bunch of recruits you will ever in your life fix your eyeballs on.

Whenever quizzed about what happened at the police academy, nearly all of the police academy rejects will straight-up lie & make-up a story regarding the reason why they ended up being sent home.

peace officer training recruit

"Trust Me You Don't Want To Be The Next Police Academy
Failure,Your Entire Life And Career Goes On Hold"

Police recruits who flunk the academy will have a hard time EVER getting a job in law enforcement. It's as simple as that. Will you end up being the next police academy failure? Do you want to come back home with your head hung low in shame?

I thought that I was prepared for the police academy physical fitness test. I took my enrollment very serious. I assumed jogging 2 miles every single day, doing traditional workouts like bench press, squats and various other weight room stuff would probably prepare me. I was so wrong it's not even funny!

The Cold Hard Fact Is....

Doing fluff workouts WILL NOT prepare you for the physical challenges of the police academy.

With that being said, you may be wondering, "How can I then get totally prepared for the physical challenges of the police academy?" To this question I must say: Train just like the Instructors are likely to train you!

So how on earth can you find out precisely what your Instructors will require of you? I reveal it to you right down to the final detail in my Police Academy Survival Guide. Will my preparation guide make the police academy easy? Not at all. I'm by no means attempting to eliminate the challenges of the police academy.

"What I'm Providing You Is Definitely The Highest Possible Degree Of Mental and Physical Preparation Available Just Short Of You Actually Being There.

I have already mentioned just a little bit about the physical training aspect of getting ready for the training academy. But bear in mind, that's just half of it. Would you love to have a mental advantage the minute you arrive at the academy?

That's precisely what I am offering you. So what on earth am I talking about? I am talking about the mental and/or psychological pressure you'll experience at the police academy.

Too many recruits wind up either getting booted out of the academy or give up completely as a direct result of the mental stress of the police training academy. Police academy instructors just like military drill sergeants have been taught various ways to impose mental & psychological tension upon fellow recruits, therefore it's not hard to believe that some candidates simply cannot cope.

"So Who The Heck Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me"

field training officer

My name is Officer E.L. Forestal. I've been a police officer for over 8 years now. I hold a Bachelors degree in criminal justice and psychology. I'm also a certified personal trainer, strength & conditioning expert.

So when it comes to knowing police work AND the best coaching methods available to help you prepare for the academy, I got you covered.

"The Underlying Stress & Anxiety Associated With The Police Academy Is Incredible. I Experienced It And Every Police Officer Has Endured It. Some Have Breezed Through It And Others Have Failed Miserably"

You see, the police academy is notoriously demanding in both the depth of knowledge needed to pass it and the four solid days of scenario base testing that seems to go on forever. I'll NEVER forget how tough it was for me at the academy, and how frustrated I was. I came really close to throwing in the towel on several occasions.

Unfortunately some recruits didn't tough it out like I did. With so much information crammed down your throat in such a short period of time, plus the added stress put on you to retain and recall the vast amount of statistics, and facts needed to pass the exam, I understand why some recruits quit.

"That's Why I Created This Police Academy Study Guide To Give Those That Are Truly Serious About Making Police Work Their Career a Head Start"

Plenty of my fellow cops would freak if they knew I was revealing these never been told before secrets of the police academy in my Law Enforcement Study guide. I do know why they would be angry. After all they had to find out about the rigors of the police academy the hard way, and so did I.

"Okay Officer Forestal Enough Already. What's The Benefit Of This Police Academy Prep Guide"

Here's A sneak peak At What you'll learn when you download Prepare For The Police Academy Study Guide:

Complete Step-By-Step Guide On How To Ace The Law Exam
Detailed Review Of The Traffic Enforcement Examination
Comprehensive Review Of the "NO Strike Zones", DUI, Firearms & More
Exclusive 20 Week "NO-NONSENSE" Pre and Post Academy Workout Programs
Extensive Overview Of The Defensive Tactics Course
In-dept Look Inside The Evasive Driving Course(EVOC Training)
The 5 Type Of Laws That Govern The Way We Live And Why You MUST Know Them Before Exercising Your Police Powers
The Difference Between Reasonable Suspicion & Probably Cause
Detailed Summary Of The Search And Seizure Law
2 Questions An Officer MUST Answer In The Event Of a Use Of Force Incident
Legal Requirements Of a Search Warrant
Exceptions To The Search Warrant Requirements Like "Plain View"
Over 200 + Practice Test Questions With Answer Keys
Good Faith Doctrine - This Can Save You From Getting SUED!
Important Case Law Rulings Like "Miranda Vs. Arizona, " Terry Vs. Ohio" & Much More

What's The Difference Between Cover And Concealment

Top 3 Common Cause Of Most Firearm Accidents
Discover The 4 Correct Shooting Stances From Behind Cover

Plus more police academy test tips, tricks, and secrets that will help you sail through it!

By the time you've finished following my personal step-by-step instruction, you will be FULLY prepared for the P.O.S.T police academy and a giant leap ahead of other recruits.

But don't just take my word for it — hear what others just like you have to say about this powerful law enforcement ecourse:

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"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this guide should be read by every person enrolling in the academy"

"Prepare For The Police Academy is an incredibly accurate breakdown of the law enforcement academy, and is a powerful resource for any recruit, especially for those who are sponsoring themselves to the academy.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this guide should be read by every person enrolling in the academy. The strategic overview of all that you'll go through, plus the study guide that goes over stuff like criminal law, traffic procedures, and EVOC is what really makes this ebook worth it."

- Kenneth H.



customer feedback

"Keep up the great work - your program is awesome!"

"What a GREAT program! This is truly a blessing that saved me a lot of time, and energy. Your review on defensive tactics was better than I thought, and actually it was dead on when I went through it as a recruit.

We need more police officers like you who have been through the process, and are okay sharing their knowledge and experience with future cops.

Keep up the great work - your program is awesome!"

- James S.



That's Not Even Half Of What You're Going To Learn.... I Want You To Be An Honor Graduate Remember So You'll Learn This....

First Responder Review- Learn The #1 Mistake To Avoid (You Want To Avoid This Mistake Like The Plague)

The 8 Major Component Of The Court System
Law Enforcement Code Of Ethics Review - If You Commit This 1 Fatal Sin It's an automatic suspension without pay, loss of rank, or even Dismissal
Fleeing Felon Doctrine
Impaired Driver - How To Spot Them From a Mile Away
The Top 10 Case Briefings That You MUST know
Crime Scene Procedures - The One Thing You Should NOT Do If You're The First Officer On The Scene

"So To Sum It All Up Here's What You'll Get When You Download This Incredibly Powerful Police Academy Study Guide"

I'm giving you everything you need to prepare for the police academy from Criminal Law Procedures … Defensive Tactics… Firearms ...Traffic Enforcement … Patrol Procedures …Crime Scene Preservation …Criminal Investigation …Emergency Vehicle Operations Course review and now I'm also giving you these FREE bonuses at no additional cost to you… yes, it’s a no-fail program just for you!

Did I mention that this guide is an instant ebook that you can download and start reading right now even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. That’s how simple it is…just click to download. Then you can save it to your computer or print it out and put it in a binder to carry around with you, so you can study anywhere, any time.

And it won’t cost you even close to the $129.95 I could charge.

Plus, you’ll get these FREE extras:

ORDER TODAY and you'll also receive the following
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As an additional bonus for ordering TODAY, you'll also get three FREE bonus reports which were previously only available to a small group of clients in my e-mail mentoring programs, or you had to pay separately for each one. These bonus reports will take all the guesswork and confusion out of all course exams at the academy and they are yours absolutely FREE if you order today. PLUS, you get the lifetime FREE updates as well!

BONUS #1: Criminal Law Review (Retail Value=$74.99)

One third of those who flunk the police academy fail because of the criminal law exam. You see, the single most important factor in police work is your ability to know what you can and can't do when exercising your police powers. Because of the depth of this course some cadets fail miserably.

This guide breaks everything down for you like the fleeing felon policy, search and seizure rule, as well as gives a comprehensive analysis of convention case law. It covers all aspects of police powers and criminal law from the first stages of a criminal investigation to your testimony in court.

BONUS #2:Firearms Training (Valued At: $14.99)

Do you know what a front sight is?

If you don't, you are pretty much screwed as this is a crucial component to successfully hit the target. This firearms review guide will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for the firearms test at the law enforcement training academy.

I pull back the curtain and show you step-by-step how to do well on this course as well as careless mistakes to avoid.

Don't panic if you've never shot before as I'll share some simple things you can do right now to start preparing.

Shooting a handgun is not as simple as point, aim, and fire. You'll learn secret techniques, and strategies that will hit a bulls eye every time.


BONUS #3: Traffic Law Procedures (Valued At: $14.99)

If you don't know the traffic laws in your state then you won't stand a chance in court. In the event that you are unfamiliar with how to spot a traffic violator, or what constitute a legal traffic stop this report got you covered.

This traffic law ebook covers everything from A to Z from how to position your squad car behind the violator to how to predict when a traffic stop may turn violent. You want to call for back up PRONTO if this happens.

You will learn everything about traffic law enforcement, and how to NEVER get a ticket thrown out in court as a result of careless mistakes.


BONUS #4:Defensive Tactics Review (Valued At: $14.99)

As a police officer you'll come in contact with all sort of people. Some will be compliant and adhere to your verbal commands, and some will downright refuse to comply.

In the event you come in contact with an aggressive individual, you'll want to know some stand up, or ground fighting techniques that will help subdue the suspect.

In this report you'll learn the different type of take down techniques, effective leg strikes, and more useful self-defense pressure point striking moves.

Bonus #5: EVOC- Emergency Vehicle Operation Course Training Review (Valued At: $14.99)

Do you know what's the "APEX" of a curve and how to utilize it during your timed course run?

If you don't, this report goes over everything concerning the EVOC training course. Here's an inside look at what you'll learn in this powerful report:

  • pursuit exercises review
  • evasive driving maneuvers
  • high speed backing
  • thresh-hold braking and acceleration.

All this must be completed without knocking over any cones and within a specified time limit.


BONUS #6:Police Academy Swat Team Workout (Retail Value=$39.99)

If you're truly serious about getting into shape for the police academy, you won't get it by doing fluff workouts and wimpy cable exercises. You need to incorporate some intense, no-nonsense type of workouts. This training program I'm giving you is the ultimate fat blasting, and muscle toning workout.

This killer workout routine is perfect for the police academy physical fitness test, this is the exact training program that I use to get into super shape for my annual agility test requirements. This workout is extremely intense, but you'll burn fat like crazy... Just beware, this workout is not like anything you've ever done before - trust me.


7) Overcoming Fear On The Street (Valued At: $17.99)

Police work is full of those terrifying moments when you aren’t sure whether you’re going to survive the next few minutes without getting seriously hurt…or worse. No cop ever makes it through a week on the job without feeling a little or a lot of fear. But it doesn’t have to control you…and in fact, can actually help make you sharper. I’am going to share with you all the secrets I’ve learned on the street about how to keep fear under control.



7) How To Survive Your Rookie Year
(Retail Value =$14.99)

Everything is going to change for you once you put on that uniform and start patrolling the streets every day. You’ll be under more pressure to perform than you ever have been in your life…and the pressure will be constant. Some new officers can’t take the stress and they wash out…but you’re going to know how to deal with that stress without letting it effect your work or home life because I’m going to share the inside info that successful police officers know about surviving that first year.



8) Weekly “Fit For Duty” Newsletter (ValueD At:$119.99)

You’ll always be up-to-the-minute on new developments on new police academy requirements across the country with this newsletter delivering all the inside scoop. I’ll keep you current on testing requirements and exam preparation AND feed you tips on physical fitness based on my years as a Certified Personal Trainer. This newsletter alone will keep you from ever missing a step while on your way to exciting law enforcement career.

9) Unlimited Update Pass (Valued At: $97.00)

Think downloading Prepare For The Police Academy is a one-time deal? No way. You get unlimited free access to this invaluable guide every time it’s updated! When new information is added, you’ll instantly have it available so that you never get caught off guard as you prepare for the police academy. That’s my ongoing commitment to you…making sure that you have all the advantages possible.


“Hold On, Officer Forestal … There's So Much Here
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Don't worry you're not going to pay anything close to the $498.88 value of this police academy prep guide.

By acting right now, you can get my entire 9 component "Law Enforcement Academy Prep Course " for the introductory price of only…

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Please Note: This is a downloadable e-book program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

To Your Success,
E.L. Forestal
Founder/Author - "Prepare For The Police Academy

P.S. Prepare For The Police Academy is yours in convenient PDF format—you can download the complete e-book and all the bonuses immediately after placing your order. No waiting for the mail to arrive! You can be on your way toward getting yourself 100% ready for the academy minutes from... NOW! What are you waiting for?

P.P.S. Remember that you’re fully protected by my 60-day guarantee. If you decide that Prepare For The Police Academy is just not for you, simply write to me for a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

"Thanks alot for the help! I score in the upper 90's on my criminal law exam! Although the book does not go into local, or county ordinances, it's dead on with general laws that all police officer should know. The breakdown on case law regarding "Garner vs. Tennessee" was right on target as one of the test questions asked about use of force regarding a fleeing suspect.

Thank you Officer Forestal for all your hard work.


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