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Here is what the Prepare For The Police Academy Platinum package includes:

Prepare For The Police Academy Platinum Package includes:

Everything from the basic Package, plus these EIGHT extremely valuable add-ons:

Upgrade Component #1: Prepare For The Oral Interview (Valued At: $29.99)

If you are one of those who are paying your own way to the academy or you haven't received a job offer just yet, you need this report badly. In addition to the police academy, you'll have to do well on the oral interview in order to get hired. This can get a bit tricky if you're not prepared. You must know the secrets of how this phase works, what the interviewers are looking for, what mistakes to avoid, and how to make a good impression that will get you hired. Prepare For The Oral Interview gives you the lowdown on this crucial step.

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn inside...

  • Discover the most commonly asked police interview questions. Don't be caught off guard! Know what questions will be asked during your police oral exam and your battle is virtually won.
  • Get the very best answers to even the toughest police oral board questions.
  • Know why each question is being asked and what the police oral board panel is trying to find out by asking those questions.
  • Avoid making common body language mistakes. Police officers master the art of reading body language, you don't want to send negative cues.


Upgrade Component #2: Prepare For The Polygraph(Valued At: $24.99)

The polygraph test is a very critical stage of the hiring process. It will determine if you move on to the next phase of the hiring process or not. If you fail the polygraph test chances are you will not get a do-over. You'll get eliminated and must wait 6-9 months before you can re-take the pre-employment written exam all over again.

So, yes the polygraph test is very important. Don't take it for granted. In this book I will walk you through what to expect, and how to prepare for it. Unlike other polygraph reports on the internet, I don't teach you ways to cheat the system, which is NEVER a good thing by the way. If that's what you're looking to do, you're in the wrong profession.

Upgrade Component #3: All-Access Audio CD (Retail Value=$97.00)

In this candid 60 minute audio report, I along with retired police officer John Marx give you all the ammunition you need to sidestep the mistakes that many applicants make during the hiring process, we hold nothing back.

John and I cover it all. Interview questions & answers? Check. Wellness Plan For Cops? Check. Polygraph Test? Check. Psychological Exam? Check. More Interview Tips? Triple Check.

In fact, I'll take things one step further and guarantee that this powerful audio session will pay for the cost of the entire program 15 times over in saved time, energy, frustration, and effort.  Just do what we recommend and you'll increase your chances of getting hired.

We also discuss in great detail....

  • The #1 warning sign that law enforcement may not be for you
  • How to use the power of leverage to get more job offers
  • How to prepare yourself mentally for the hiring process
  • Top 3 reasons why most applicants bomb the oral board interview
  • 2 qualities that departments are looking for and how to position yourself
  • How to easily beef up your credentials and make yourself more hireable
  • 2 Common misconceptions about police work
  • The #1 killer among cops, and no it's not what you think
  • Learn precisely what to do to get a competitive edge if you're just graduating high school, college, or just getting out of the military
  • The one thing that will certainly disqualify you, don't bother re-applying if this happens

And much, much more!

Burn this audio report to a CD or stuff it into your iPod, because you don't want to go through the process without it.

Upgrade Component #4: Police Radio Communication 101 (Valued At: $24.99)

Remember that every time you say something on the radio you're probably being heard by a few hundred people via police scanners. That's not including people who listen to the radio on the internet. So, there's a good chance there's a few thousand people listening to your every word. Trust me, If you say something unprofessional, you'll hear about it pronto.

How you communicate on the radio is a very important component of police work. That's why I'm going to reveal "5 Things You Must Know About Police Radio Etiquette." I've seen recruits struggle mightily with their radio communication, but you'll have no problem after reading this report.

Upgrade Component #5: Report Writing Secrets (Valued: $22.99)

You probably don't know it, but you're going to be graded on the way you write your reports during your initial training on the street and you'll be judged by the quality of your reports throughout your career. That's why I'm going to teach you the tips and tricks that veteran officers use to turn out spotless, detailed reports every time. Your training officer will be amazed at the top-notch reports you produce!


Upgrade Component #6: Field Training Evaluation Program (Valued: $22.99)

The field training and evaluation process was designed to prepare rookie officers in training to perform the essential duties of a police officer. This phase of the process is extremely important. It's not uncommon to see recruits make it through the hiring process, and then the police academy, but fail the field training evaluation program.

If you don't successfully complete the field training and evaluation program with a satisfactory grade, you won't continue employment with your respective police department. That's why this report is so vital. In this report, I take you by the hand and teach you the most common mistakes to avoid, and how to have your Field Training Officer (FTO) champing at the bit to leave you high marks on your daily evaluation report.

Upgrade Component #7: Police Exam Study Guide (Valued: $47.00)

If you haven't already secured a job with a local, or state agency then you need this book. You won't be able to move ahead in the hiring process unless you get a satisfactory score on the exam. Heck you won't be allowed to take the polygraph test, or the oral interview until you get a good score on exam.

To be frank with you, just passing the exam is not enough anymore as the competition is fierce nowadays. You must aim to get a top score in order to stand out and subsequently get hired.

Luckily, this police exam study manual will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you'll need to know to ace the exam. With detailed practice test questions along with an answer key, this ebook is a must read.

Upgrade Component #8:  Ask-A-Cop Personal Email Pass (Value: $249)

When I mentioned that I wanted you to have the best opportunity for success, I really met it. That's why I'm including one of the most valuable ad-ons, I could possibly offer with this package: a real 1-on-1 email support with me. You'll have direct access to ME. Go ahead and ask me anything (I don't care what it is, there are no "stupid" questions with me. Ask me anything).

Here's how this works: Once you download the manual, and go through the course material, simply email me if you have any questions. I will then respond within 24-48 hours with a detailed answer for you.

Upgrade Component #9:How To Stay Positive In The Workplace (Value: $19.95)


It happens more often than I care to see: Young, motivated officers start out brimming with excitement and confidence about their new career but then, after a few years, turn bitter and hostile and no longer seem to care. Burnout is as common a danger to police officers as anything else on the job. Knowing how to combat it is crucial to having a long, successful career so I'm going to tell you how to keep from losing the zeal that made you such a great officer to begin with.


Upgrade Component #10:How To Overcome Test Anxiety (Value: $29.95)

There are so many people who suffer from test anxiety. Some of them freeze up. Some of them forget everything they've studied. Others get so emotional that they can't concentrate and start to panic.

The end result is that all their preparation goes out the window and they end up failing the exam, which is a real shame. I would be remiss if I didn't address this issue for those of you who might be prone to test anxiety. I don't want you to go to all the trouble of studying the information I give to you, only to have a meltdown in the exam room. This bonus book will show you how to get prepared mentally, help you cope with your fears and overcome them altogether


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$1,092.79 in Total Value

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$237.00 $77.00

I told you, I am seriously going all out to give you great value at the lowest possible price because I want you to experience that great sense of accomplishment when you're sworn in as a police officer in front of your family..

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  • Prepare For The Police Academy main ebook
  • How To Survive Your Rookie Year
  • Police Oral Board Interview Prep Guide
  • unlimited updates to the prepare for the police academy ebook
  • How to stay positive in the workplace
  • Police academy bodyweight workout
  • Swat Team Workout
  • Weekly "Fit For Duty" newsletter
  • How to overcome test anxiety
  • How to overcome fear

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